Three books to make sense of this journey called life

Purpose - Workbook to explore and share your unique gift with the world

This 60+ page full color e-book contains all you need to uncover your purpose, articulate your meaningful ideal and share your unique gift with the world - my purpose story, the theory and the tools!

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Values - Live with with authenticity and integrity

When you are clear on your personal core values it's like you have handrails through the journey called life. This 30+ page full color e-book contains all you need to explore, identify and articulate your core values – both the theory and the tools!

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101 Questions with the power to change your life

Your inner journey typically begins with the big questions. This book invites you to this journey as it aspires to trigger those questions that you're too busy asking yourself in the busyness of life.

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The values workbook really helped me to make sense of my thoughts and channel my energy into creating a more fulfilling life

Ben S.

I've been through so many blogs and resources about purpose but only when I found this book did it all start to make sense. Fredrik writes with depth and compassion while keeping the exercises pragmatic.

Clarita P.

I followed a few 20-something life coaches but when I discovered Fredrik I realised it takes extensive life experience to a be life coach. Fredrik's background story and his writing have had profound impact on me.

Jesper K.

Inspiring book that has helped me to new perspectives and start dealing with my mess I've avoided for too long. Thank you for nudging me Fredrik!

Luisa G.

We had purpose and values workshops at work so I googled it and found Fredrik's work. I wish we've had him explaining at work - he is inspiring, clear and his step-by-step gave me new insights.

Stefan K.

Fredrik's purpose and values book helped me get out of a dark place of overwhelm and beginning depression. His personal story is inspiring and he guides the reader in a compassionate way - feels like he is writing directly to me.

Jana P.